A cream that takes care of any skin and wrinkle problems. The mixed synergy of 90% black snail mucus filtrate and 27 black plant essences produces a cream that makes you feel good and helps to enhance your beauty.

Anti-Wrinkle Facial Cream

Anti-Wrinkle Facial Cream

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Black snail mucin carries healthy vitality and nutrients that survived droughts. Black snail is suitable for those whose skin is dry.

27 plant essence has more elegant texture and more concentrated cream to hydrate the skin.

It solves overall skin problems like trace, loosened pores, irregular skin tone for healthy skin as well as being anti-ageing, brightening, and providing wrinkle care.

It contains black snail mucus filtrate, 27 black plant extracts, adenosine, peptide and vitamin.

Snail Type: It includes 90% of a black snail.
Main Ingredients: Its main ingredient is African black snail.
Recommended: It is recommended for the age between 30s and 50s.

It is good to use for anti-ageing, fine wrinkle, blemish, acne scar, and pore care that creates elastic and healthy skin. It helps healing blemishes and damaged skin. Its moisturizing, soothing, lifting effect good for Wrinkle Care. Giving vitality to dry skin.

Skin improvement, glowing and firming. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.


You can use it every day, throughout day and night. Because it is a higher concentrated cream, we suggest using at night is best for you.

Main Ingredients:

There are many ingredients include for the manufacturing of this product, but the main ingredients are Snail Secretion Filtrate (African Black Snail), 27 Plant Extracts (Garlic, Asaiya, Ody, Bokbunja, Elder Fruit, Brown Sugar, Cocoa, etc.), Niacinamide, Adenosine, Vitamin 5, Centella, Shea Butter.


The total number of people who give reviews is about 817 at this time, and product rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars, and the overall percentage who gives 5-star rating is 61% that means out of 817 people who give reviews 498 people deliver a 5-star rating.