BAFTA “The British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards” were presented on January 7. 2020, which has been criticized by the BAFTA bosses who spoke up about the maddening over their lack of miscellany categories.

Film joker that released in 2019 leads to be surrounded by a variety of criticism, although the star of the movie “Joaquin Phoenix” had won 11 awards for his performance in the movie.

BAFTA-nominated Hollywood stars, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Margot Robbie in the best acting categories where the movies Martin Scorsese’s, Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time and The Irishman was put on the best film and the best directing categories.

The actors from The Irishman, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci made their way for the best supporting actor category. Whereas, the star Robert De Niro from the movie The Golden Globes have been noticed as the best actor.

Once again after 2017, BAFTA 2020 Awards Ceremony led to criticism where all the nominated actors were white which led the #BAFTASSOWHITE hashtag appeared over twitter and no female filmmakers had been nominated for best film or directing.

The Chief Executive of BAFTA, Amanda Berry stated, “it was definitely disappointing and the organization is not going to stop pushing” whereas the Chairmen of the Charity’s Film Committee, Marc Samuelson said, “it was infuriating but pointed out that female nominations are rising every year”.

According to the nominees of BAFTA, the war epic 1917 and South Korean movie Parasite (a black comedy) were shortlisted as the best films. The parasite was critically acclaimed as the divorced drama marriage of Netflix.

The Sam Mendes 1917 was not only nominated as the best film and best directing but also considered as the Best British Film. Meanwhile, Parasite was also entitled to the best directing and film of the year.

The best actors categories were included, Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson for the Marriage story. Whereas the supporting actor nominees were included, Pesci, Brad Pit, Al Pacino, and Tom hanks for “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” and Anthony Hopkins was nominated for “The Two Popes.”

As for the best director categories were Scorsese’s, Sam Mendes, Phillips, Tarantino and Bong Joon Ho. But the other women directors have been left out.

Therefore, the Deputy Chair Krishnendu Majumdar of BAFTA spoke that “the lack of female nominees in the best director category is an industry-wide problem and that BAFTA is fiercely doing something about it,” he further said that “the women have been nominated in other categories, such as animated and non-English language films”.

He explained, “I think the best film category and the best director category are extremely fiercely fought this year,” he stated, “I meant, Greta Gerwig – she’s been nominated this year for adapted screenplay, but that doesn’t disguise the fact that there are no female directors in the directors category.”

He also said, “But I think it’s worth pointing out there are 13 female directors nominated across all our nominations, including Lulu Wang for The Farewell and also the director for Frozen 2.”

Meanwhile, Samuelson stated, “there are some good signs which actually showed up to 36% female nominations which had pretty much doubled over the last couple of years”.

While, the winner of Golden Globe, Awkwafina had been nominated as the BAFTA’S rising star but unfortunately it missed out on a nod in the main categories.

He further stated that “Keep going on that and maybe in another couple of years we would be over 40% and might be heading towards parity that would be a great sign.” He said, “It doesn’t take anything away from the issue in the acting categories but nonetheless it’s something and things are moving.”

The winners and nominees for the awards were voted by the 6,700 BAFTA members who were actually industry professionals and creatives from all around the world.

Miss Berry said, “she was encouraged by the diversity of BAFTA’s EE rising star award nominees which were announced on Monday.”