If you have ever come across the name of BTS and don’t know what is it then you are definitely living under the rocks. Because BTS has been taking over the world from a while and if you are from middle east or from another region or country you might have heard about the word BTS and most probably it is the only K-pop band which you might have been known for quite a long time and that’s the reason that this band is most hyped among all the bands not only in Korea but in the world.

BTS has recently become the most influential band of the year in 2019. For some who really do not know and living on Mars might be difficult for them to assimilate the whole thing in just one read. But let’s try and get straight into it.

BTS basically a boy band that is associated with the South Korean entertainment industry which is not only growing in a snap of fingers but also devouring the world. BTS is also known as BANGTAN BOYS based on seven members which debuted on June 2013 in Seoul under Big Hit Entertainment Company and release their first album in the same year with the name of “2 cool 4 Skool”. Their musical style evolves around with a wide range genre and the lyrics mostly focused on social commentary, love, joy, the journey towards loving oneself, never give up, mental health, the trouble of school-age youth, loss, individualism.

BTS the most hyped K-pop idols in the world

Later then their work such as the first U.S. billboard entries The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2 (2015), The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever (2016), and Wings (2016) helped establish BTS’ reputation as a socially conscious group. BTS wings 2016 became the first album that sold out over one million copies in South Korea. By the year 2017 BTS took a step ahead and entered into the international music industry and started to breaking down the numerous sales records, and becoming the first Korean group to receive a certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for their single “Mic Drop”. BTS was also the first band to ever enter the state’s music industry and made a huge success.

In Korea other K-pop idols just have fans but if you are taking about BTS and include fans word with it then it would be a shame because BTS only has fans but they have ARMY as their fans who collectively gained the nickname ARMY for their well-organized and loyal response to the group.

BTS the most hyped K-pop idols in the world

In the year 2017 BTS performed for the first time on the TV in the American Music Awards which held in the United States. BTS was also the first band to get their own Twitter emojis which was established to know where the biggest fanbases were located.

BTS has sold approximately 7 million albums globally as of July 2018. The third full-length album from BTS called “Love Yourself: Tear” launched at number one on the Billboard 200, which made them the only K-Pop group to do so. Their album “Love Yourself: Her” retailed more than 1.2 million copies on South Korea’s Gaon Album Chart in its first month of release. It became the biggest selling Korean album by month in 16 years.

BTS the most hyped K-pop idols in the world

The most astonishing thing is that after BTS paired up with UNICEF, the inspired fans eagerly donated to the cause and raised $1,000,000 in less than two days for UNICEF’s campaign to feed malnourished children.