When you share your story and it doesn’t make you cry, that means you are healed.

-Muniba Mazari

In our life, we have heard so many inspirational stories that motivate people to make their way of life easier and successful and for some, it might just be a story told by the most desperate person. We also have a story like that but it depends on people how much they got inspired and learn from it.

In this article, we are going to talk about the most trendy Pakistan’s Motivational Personality that is; Muniba Mazari.

Muniba Mazari is Pakistan’s biggest motivational speaker, social activist, model, singer and socialist. Moniba was born in Rahim yar khan, Pakistan on March 3.1987. She is also current National Ambassador for United Nations woman Pakistan and the first model that uses a wheelchair.

She was a normal person like any woman before she met herself with an accident in the early’s 2007. After the most dreadful incident, she faced so many hardships in her life but she never gave up and kept moving to make herself worthy for her and that was the most amazing thing that made her the biggest inspiration for millions of people not even in Pakistan but around the world and now she also known as an Iron lady of Pakistan.

Muniba has a passion for painting and even graduated in fine arts and love to paint. Her father is a teacher in the field of fine arts, having two brothers and a mother who always supported her.

Muniba got married when she was just 18 years old. Though she was not happy with her marriage but accepted it because of her father. Two years of married life had passed peacefully, but the 2007 year made her life like hell when she met a car accident with her husband. While her husband somehow managed to jump out of the car and saved his life not knowing how would her wife survive. Her husband abandoned her wife in the car and she was unable to move so she could save her as well. Muniba had so many injuries that were equivalent to death.

She got to the hospital after a very long time of the accident which made her body more injured where she had wrist, whole rib cage fracture and by these, she had completely damaged her lungs and liver. Her backbone was also crushed completely in her body. All these things and damaged respiratory system made herself hard to breathe. She even had her hip bone destroyed by which she can’t sit properly. Her spine was also damaged badly because of it she can’t even walk properly and because of it, she can’t become a mother as well.

After having her whole body ruptured and damaged completely she never gave up and treated for two whole years. Despite all of it, she tried hard to work for dreams though it was not easy. She started to change her life little by little and managed to become inspirational and she also motivated people towards their goal.

After the accident muniba’s husband who is a former pilot of Pakistan filed a case against her wife for blaming, abusing, etc and also asked for 10 million in the court. Despite everything she had a fear of losing her husband but one day her husband got married to another woman but she stayed strong and even wished him for his happy life ahead. Now she is a divorced woman and lives with her adopted son.

She became the biggest motivational speaker from her event held in TedX in Islamabad. She also worked as an anchor on PTV (Pakistan Television).

In 2015, her name was added to the top 100 inspirational women on the list of BBC. She also named as a Miracle women in the list of ponds. She is the Body Shop brand ambassador, member of Pounds Miracle Team and has also chosen as Pakistan’s first goodness ambassador to promote gender equality.

Muniba also introduced her own brand as Muniba’s Canvas with the slogan of ” let your walls wear colors”. Now she helps disable persons and visit hospitals to motivate the patients along with her two brothers. She is also doing social help such as child labour, gender discrimination, early marriage and more.