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Rumors Media is responsible to bring up the different ways to engage you with stories, ideas that you are into and follow the topics and writers up to your interests. So the stories you have been looking for are here at your fingertips and can’t be find anywhere else.

Content Policy

All the contents from the rumors media blogging website is only for the informational purposes. Though, the articles on this website is analytical based but the owner will not be responsible to the accuracy or completeness of any information found on this site nor the owner will be liable for any errors or omissions, losses, injuries and damages form the display or use in the information. The terms and conditions can be change at any time without notification.


We use cookies to track down the use of our website by our client’s and it would help us to store your data and make it more beneficial for you to understand our website through the data acquired by us. It also use to provide the social media features and analyse our traffic. Some websites are inked through rumors media and might also include cookies which we have no control.

Advertisement Policy

We also advertise in future so cookies also help us to find people interest so that through which we can display ads regarding to people interest. Ads contain some external links so we are not responsible for anything regarding that website so you must read that website privacy policies and terms and condition we are not responsible for anything for that particular website. we are just responsible to our website.

Data Collection Policy

Every website required some sort of privacy which stores the client’s data, so we do. We the rumors media would like to let our clients know that while acquiring your personal data like IP address, location, username and so forth that we obtain legally which is required to monitor or log several forms of data . Rest assured that your personal information is secured with us and we won’t disclose any type of our client’s data to third party or won’t sell.

If you have any question regarding our privacy policy or want to get in touch with us you can directly contact us through our Contact Us page.