Entertainment is the way to give pleasure one’s self by indulging into the various genre of television programs. We never knew that the Pakistan entertainment industry would have welcomed and promoted another country’s dramas such as Korean drama, Turkish dramas and so far, on numerous private entertainment channels to boost their rating level, as well as that, would have swiftly increased the completion amongst them. But this will encourage each industry to bring out their best work for their viewers.

There are gigantic aspects to broadcast international programs in societies. First and foremost it will gradually make the public understanding other country’s languages, to acknowledge the diversity of culture, their beloved tradition, and customs, etc.

As for the Turkish drama, they are sort of having some similarities with the Pakistani dramas on account of their religion and motivate the culture to live with their families in any circumstances. Because families are the backbone to provide enough strength to cope with all the issues they are facing in their lives. Well, recently some entertainment channels had ended the series which was named “ Sultan, Kausar Sultan and Mera Ashyana” along with the highest rating ever have seen. Now, the Urdu1 channel has started a new drama named “ Nazli” that is evolved substantially.

On the other side, Korean dramas have not been left behind in this race. They have not long ago organized an Award show and nominated their top 20 most hilarious dramas in which “ Descendant of the sun, Scarlet heart, Strongwoman do bong soon, My love from another star, Legend of the blue sea and furthermore. Almost all drama has been on air on multiple channels at different times to get a hold on their viewers.

There is a crucial fact about dramas like Lesson could be taught through dramas. Just like, how to figure out something good even in an adverse situation. To have the audacity to adopt the changes and develop the desired scenarios. Another objective is to strive to reach the goal you have set at a particular time. Despite all those statements, Pakistani are worldwide famous for their cast and the heart-wrenching stories. It depicts that is up to human being how to accommodate yourselves in some handy conditions and it also life is simple. Complexity could have initiated by humans.

In the end, the exchange of business could assist the media to prosper by generating a sufficient amount of money. It will also contribute to the country’s economy. However, providing jobs in different sectors of the showbiz industry as far as empowering the media by adding a number of manpower. Thus, these phenomena will lead to sustaining the appropriate relations amongst the people and the authorities. Although it does not just help the people associated with the media it will be a great asset for their respective countries. We hope that we will look forward to more in other fields.