Want to be in shape and keep yourself healthy and lively for your entire life?? But, it’s easier said than done, right??

Everyone lose control when they did everything but can’t change the way they look but now it’s easy to do so.

Because here are the most healthiest and incredible diets that actually works. Now everyone can be healthy and smart like they want to. So gear up and enjoy the life like you never did before.

1) Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet is low carbs diet plan with an amazing weight loss results that’s the reason it’s one of the most popular diet in the world. This diet plan was originally invented by a cardiologist Robert Atkins in early 1960’s. The Atkins diet is more effective for any body type because it focuses to reduce your weight without going on hunger strike and you can eat as much as you want without having high carbs food. Now let see how does it works.

The Atkins diet has been sorted out into 4 phases.

  • Induction
  • Balancing
  • Fine-tuning
  • Maintenance

In first phase of induction you eat 20 grams of carbs for two weeks and stick with high fat, high protein with low carbs vegetables like leafy green which helps to starts the weight reduction process.

Second phase is all about balancing the entire nutrition. Start to eat nuts, low carbs vegetables and add fruits in your meal.

In fine-tuning when you are finally reaching to your desire weight then add more carbs in your meal until it slows down the weight loss process.

In last phase maintenance you can have as many carbs as your body can have without regaining weight.

2) Healthy Diet

Diets are good for your health and body but essential health diet is even better. In health diet you don’t need to force yourself to skip your favorite foods but all you need to do is add more healthy thing in meal like while having coffee add skim milk rather than whole milk. Eat bread with whole grains and having a glass of flax seeds with yogurt in your lunch. Changing these little habits of having foods can make you healthier and make you lively.

  • Switching to 100% natural/ original products and food can reduce the risk of many diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart stroke and cancer.
  • Take out mayonnaise from your daily life and switch it with mustard sauce, because mayo is high in calories, fat grams and omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Love to have oatmeal in the breakfast with the milk? Then change it with skim milk or use 1% whole milk instead of water.
  • Whenever craving for the yogurt or smoothies then don’t forget to add a tablespoon of flax seeds because they have protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Use Spinach in your meal than iceberg or lettuce because a 4th cup of spinach have 20 milligrams of omega-3s, 9800 IU vitamin A, 5,890 mg of beta-carotene, 260 mg potassium, 26 mg Vitamin C, 150 mcg folic acid, 2 mg vitamin E, and 68 mg calcium which is more than iceberg and lettuce.
  • Always drink unsweetened tea instead of sweetened tea or soda because a cup serving of sweetened soda or tea has about 140 calories and 32 grams of sugar.