Then find out the 7 most breath-taking islands in the world from BRAC to MAUI

Travelling is all about finding the most craziest person inside you and if you love to see the world from a distinctive angel then travelling can help you to ever last the every moment of your life and to see the insanely amazing places of the world where the sun rises with the mesmerizing beauty along with the shore sounds and where the waves touches your feet’s. The delicate species of the world under the water of the islands where solace meet the souls and lighting the body while soaking the alluring sun.

This is how islands are and here are the most breath-taking islands where you can’t take your eyes off.


An island of Croatia is endowed with tremendous bays and covered with the cypress trees along with the sunny hills covered with the vineyards with its highest peak Vidova Gora which stretches up to 788 meters above the sea level where you can also see the Italy while standing on top of the Vidova peak.


Island where the top of its hill covered with the incredibly look a alike buildings along with multi-colored cliffs soars out of a sea drowned caldera with romantic sunset and amazing beaches which surrounds the astonishing number of tourists around the world annually.


A small Italian and beauty spot island capri, with blue water glisten a little bright. The curves of cliffs making their road towards its beauty in a majestic way with the magnificent panorama view and dazzling sun maintaining its hype among the tourists with its glorious portrait and glitz.


Rarotonga, the hub of the cook island where the greenery takes over the eyes and the sapphire-blue lagoons brighten up the hearts of people. The most knowingly species of turquoise making their way up to the reef and the warmth of the tropical sun envelops you. The volcanic peaks with the crystal-clear water indulging you in the beauty of little paradise and capturing your heart.


Getting sick and tired of your life and want to take a break?? Then there is no better place than Mykonos which is famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and the vivid nightlife, exotic beach party and dazzling white-washed buildings with sun light sand, narrow paved streets with diverse crowd and the paradise for the water sports enthusiastic.


The heart of the Mediterranean postcard covered up with azure views, ravishing beaches, high peaked mountains and soulful panoramic scenes with delightful sun.


Maui lures tourist with an invigorating nature and share warm alohas. A sacred valley which lies between the volcanic path and shore with the black sand alluring the traveler’s attention. The churning of the waterfalls, bright sun with chirping of birds under the bamboo forests and the view of migrating humpback whales in the winter are worth seeing.